• Security

  • One of the main topics business leaders have on their minds today is Cyber Security.  Every day there is another report in the news every day about viruses, spyware, ransomware, and cyber-attacks. In today’s market, your business needs a comprehensive security strategy.  At Cyberus Technologies, security is at the heart of everything we do!  Our focus is not just on responding to these threats but preventing them!  Starting with our security audit, we go over every aspect of your business for security risks and vulnerabilities.   We offer a full suite of cyber security services and solutions to identify, reduce, and eliminate threats and vulnerability to your business.

    I don’t need to tell you how absurd it is to lock your front door while leaving your back door wide open.  Cyber security is no different.  We take a holistic approach that encompasses your entire network.  We address your needs starting a basic level of security strategy all the way up to disaster recovery.  Cyberus Technologies will help you stay ahead of the risks and make the right technology choices for your business.  

    Our packages offer a wide range of capabilities.  Here are just a few of the multiple layers of security we offer.

  • Managed Firewalls

    An inferior firewall is one of the easiest ways for an attacker to enter your network.  Your firewall serves as the first line of defense for any cyber-attack.  Unfortunately many companies neglect the importance of keeping them properly up to date with the latest firmware and fail to implement policies that keep your network secure leaving your network vulnerable to attacks and data breaches.  At Cyberus Technologies, we will always ensure that your firewall is managed, monitored and up to date with the latest technology to keep your network secure!

  • Web Security

    Viruses, ransomware, and other malicious software often come from email links and website posing as legitimate sources.  Too often employees fall prey to these tactics, allowing malware to wreak havoc on your systems.  Our web security package brings you the peace of mind your business deserves by reducing exposure to these attacks.  Our powerful software also provides advanced polices such as social-network regulation, content filtering, and reporting to curb lost user productivity and misused bandwidth. 

  • Insider Threat Detection

    Did you know that as much as 62% of all data breaches are due to insider attacks?  At Cyberus Technologies, our powerful solution provides around the clock monitoring to detect and prevent these costly attacks.  We are able to quickly assess what is happening and who is involved so you can shut down the threat before it wreaks havoc on your business.  With our employee monitoring piece, we are able to provide detailed information about what an employee did (or did not do) to support critical decision-making.  We also provide productivity data so you can address issues before they become habits and avoid costly wrongful termination claims.  People are your biggest investment.  Make sure you are getting the right return.

  • Endpoint Security

    Antivirus and antispyware applications are last generation technology.  Today’s modern threats require modern defenses.  That’s where our endpoint security platform comes in.  With it we are able to provide multiple layers of defense to prevent attacks before they happen.  By analyzing endpoint activity we are able to isolate, terminate, remediate, and document endpoint threats all while never impacting the user’s productivity.  Our advanced software provides real-time visibility into your files, programs, and network connections on every machine.  This allows us to know how every file got there, what created it, when it arrived, what it did, if it made a network connection and much, more.