• Managed Services

  • In today’s business world, its more important than ever to ensure that critical IT systems are always up and running, but maintaining IT systems in-house can be costly and leave you without critical expertise in the latest technologies.  We will manage all of your IT infrastructure using a customizable fixed rate plan you can count on to keep you budget under control.  We manage, monitor, and secure your systems, so that you can focus on your business.  At Cyberus Technologies we have a motto, “show, not tell”.   We are so confident that we can give you the Power, Peace, and Protection your business deserves, we offer a free network assessment as a risk free way to “get to know us” while helping you identify areas of risk and improvement.  Let us show you how your business can run more efficiently and cost effective too!

  • Tailored Packages

    Every business is different, so why would you choose a company with a “one size fits all” plan? Don’t get pressured into buying a solution that does not fit your needs! We offer fully customizable packages that fit every company with budgets both large and small.

  • Predictable Costs 24/7

    Does your IT budget fluctuate from one month to the next? Do you dread seeing the bill after a support call?   Are you tired of paying more when there is an outage?  Our flat rate packages have you covered!  What’s more, our IT road maps help you prepare for the cost of upgrades and new equipment to help eliminate surprises.  No sales tactics, no hidden fees. As your IT partner, we believe if your business succeeds then we succeed.

  • Ramped-Up Productivity

    Network failures and outages can be costly for any business, our managed services packages include 27/7 monitoring of your network to prevent issues before they strike.  Using our business continuity technology, even during unpredictable disasters, we can have your business back up and running in minutes, not hours or days.  You don’t have to take my word for it. Remember our motto, “show, not tell”?  Call us today, and we will give you a free demo of our solution in action.

  • We Are Always Available

    It has been said in our industry that “IT never sleeps”.  Regardless of time of day or holiday, Cyberus Technologies is there for you.  We monitor and maintain your systems around the clock bringing you peace of mind.